Enduring Understandings
Essential Questions
Fifth Grade Knowledge/Understanding of rhythms and time signatures
Music is communicated through written notation.
Having a common musical notation "language" allows us to perform, hear and appreciate others' musical ideas.
Rhythm is used to organize sound into music.
How is sound organized into music?
Why is music commonly referred to as "the universal language?"
Scaffold Activities:
1. Jeopraody-type note rhythm review on SMART-board
2. Spoken/clapped rhythmic dictation
3. Written rhythm dictation practice sheets (which include practice sections related to the 5th grade June benchmark assessment on time signatures)
4. Review of new/updated rhythm chart (graphic organizer) which will be posted in visible classroom area.
5. developing activity on Smartobard
- sketch out idea on paper to quiz the class - 4 different options
- ex. beats in a mesaure