Enduring Understandings
Essential Questions
Performance Task
First impressions are lasting impressions.
Employers hire candidates who
can show them how their strengths benefit
a company.
Wrapping up an interview is as important as
the process of questions and answers.
How can you prepare for a job interview?
How do you market your skills during an interview?
What are the qualities that employers look for in
a candidate?
How can you turn tough questions into
a positive experience?
What questions/statements should be
conveyed as an interview is wrapped up?

How can you leave a positive impression
with an interviewer?
Answering difficult questions demonstrate
the ability to turn a negative into a positive

March 22-Final interviews with HR and principal (Use rubric)

(Additional day)-Video tape and critique (Use rubric)

March 15-Flip camera presentation with Andrea Brothman
Practice video-taping in groups of three/critique interviewside
Provide some questions from presentation/have students
add in one of their own (Use rubric)

March 8th-Critique DVD-Who Would You Hire (use rubric)
Students make a poster on Do's and Dont's

March 1st-Powerpoint presentation on interviewing skills
Answering practice questions/difficult questions/what
questions should be asked

February 16th-23rd-writing a resume and cover letter

February 9-completing an online application and answering
profile questions