Enduring Understanding
Essential Question
Performance Assessment
5th grade
Composing and Evaluating music
  • Everyone can perform, create and respond to music in meaningful ways.
  • Creating and performing music are forms of self expression.
  • Music is made up of elements.
  • Music is communicated through written notation.
  • Having a common musical notation "language" allows us to perform, hear and appreciate others' musical ideas
  • How is sound organized to create music?
  • Why should we respect music if we don't like the way it sounds?
  • Is there good and bad music?
  • Create your own dictation test ( accuracy of rhythm, garage band, imovie)
  • Self Evaulation (imovie)
  • Class Evaulation by doing created test
  • Rubric for creating your short composition
  • Self Evaluation rubric

Introduce students to I-movie (show how to start new project, how to record, how to save)
We recorded the performance of a 4 beat rhythm on live instruments that was repeated twice
We created a dictation test using our 5th grade rhythms (smart board activity where kids came up and wrote rhythms they heard)

Intoduce students to Garage Band
Create a eight beat pattern
Create an ABA form
(Learn how to save garage band file and import to I-movie)

Then we would practice until students have a fluency using the basic functions of both programs
After this we would....