Enduring Understandings
Essential Questions
Performance Assessment
1800 Newspaper
Students will understand the major themes of the 1800s: Migration/Immigration, Industrialism, Sectionalism Slavery, Westward Expansion, Civil Rights, 19th Century Art. Students will maintain daily log questions, develop weekly goals (personal and group), review and reflect on accomplishments and personal responsibilities, and conduct authentic research.

Specifically, students will understand the following ideas:

1.Economically, politically and socially the North and South developed quite differently

after the American Revolution.

2.The decisions made during the Constitutional Convention played a role in the conflicts

and disagreements that culminated in the Civil War.

3. Slavery was not the only reason the Civil War was fought.

4. The nation’s geographic and economic expansion created both opportunities and

problems which Americans addressed in a variety of ways.

5. Forging an American identity requires compromise between the rights of the states and

the needs of the nation.
How do people balance competing obligations?

How does what we believe influence how we behave and how we see other people

How do words change the world?

What is loyalty?

Where do people’s loyalties lie?

How does the past influence the present and the present influence the future?

How does geography influence a culture’s development?

Why is this the story?


Students will be asked to set weekly goals on Mondays and reflect on the process on Fridays

Students will maintain daily log book questions

Mini-due dates for story webs, articles, story board webs etc..

Students will be asked to create a story wed for each article topic they decide to research

Each story written will go through the writing process with both peers and teachers editing before they get to the video stage

Students will create a class rubric for the video project

Each student will be asked to create a story board for their short video vignette before recording

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