Enduring Understanding
Essential Question
Performance Assessment
Different types of Energy, included in the Chemistry unit of Nuclear Chemistry
  • There are various types of energy and each ch1. oice has different impacts on the environment.
  • The energy choices are influenced by many factors, such as the environmental, political, social, and individual preferences.
  • Students should realize how their decisions and the decisions made by our leaders impact society and their future.
  • What is the best type of energy to use for the future?
  • How does the choice of energy impact the world in the future?

Use of Energy in the Future:
First class period
1. Students receive a copy of the scenario for the project. We discuss the entire project scope and what they need to do.
2. Students pair up and discuss various energy resources using the Energy Sources Worksheet.
3. As a class, we discuss the top six energy sources and students form groups of three (one group of two).
4. We decide which group gets which resource to research and discuss.
5. We discuss good research sources versus opinion sources.
6. We discuss the use of a wiki space (that they will join) and that they should use it to enter all their research and their discussions with each other.
7. Discuss criteria to do the research - what they need to research, what they need to know, what they need to be ready to discuss.

Second class period
Research their topic in person in the computer lab and then with the wiki space at home.

Third class period
Presentation to the panel and discussion of the energy source (following the criteria).

Other items:
1. Rubric for student online work.
2. Rubric for presentation and participation in discussion.
3. If presentations, each person does a rubric on the presentation.
4. Teacher presentation rubric.
5. Participation presentation and group discussion rubric.
6. Individual Analysis/Reflection.