Enduring Understanding
Essential Question
Performance Assessment
Financial Panics
Forces in society contribute to a financial environment that can go awry.
There are similarities in all financial panics.
Financial decisions made in the past influence the present.
What factors contribute to financial “meltdowns?
How does human nature play a major role in financial panics?
How have various leaders dealt with panics? To what ends?
How does the average citizen react/respond/deal with hard financial times?

Power Point - History of National Bank and Federal Reserve
Bernake Interview (30 minutes - 60 minutes)
Reasearch - 1907 - Guide Line Sheet
Video - You Tube 1907
Power Point 1907
Video's 2007 - handout of terms
Bucket List (15 min - 60 minutes)
Credit Crisis (11 minutes You Tube)
Lewis (60 minutes - 15 minutes)
The Final Warning (PBS - Frontline PBS)
Powerpoint Crisis 2007